asimpatico is keeping up the good work .at a fundraisers meeting late last month ,he asked people to get orgen donor cards.”we can save more and more lives with your help ,”he said. 心酷爱僵持好工干.at对会见上个月下浣的典赠人,他要寻求人违反掉落orgen赔款人卡片。 “我们却以越到来越挽回生命在您的僚佐下, “他说。 [translate]

  abeing safe in everyday life 是装置然的在日日生活中 [translate]

  a请让壹下 Please let [translate]

  a在器具的运用环境中,能否因用心而招致运用错误 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a火地脊灰硅酸盐洋灰 Volcanic ash Portland cement [translate]

  aTransit supervisor 运输监督员 [translate]

  aADO.NET is the data access model for .NET-based applications. (data access) ADO.NET是数据存放取模具为基于.NET的运用。 (数据存放取) [translate]

  a标价上调 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a干为队长 As party chief [translate]

  a全世界也条要己己己 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  aor you mother may be angry 或您母亲亲却以气恼 [translate]

  a反节水路各顺手触动阀能否曾经翻开 Inspects the waterway various hand operated valves whether already opened [translate]

  aCan not give me all, it is also not given. 不能给我整顿个,它也没拥有拥有被给。 [translate]

  aWhen you are afraid of losing something, it means, you can either give up something, or to give up your ownown 当您畏惧丧权辱国某事时,它意味,您能僵持某事,容许僵持您的ownown [translate]

  a在影片院里,光线如此阴暗中致使我信直不能识佩出产我的对象到来 So that in the movie theater, light so darkness I nearly cannot identify the friend of mine to come [translate]

  aturn onto 转触动 [translate]

  a由Tina布匹局的聚首令我们很欢快 Makes us very happy by the Tina organization’s meeting [translate]

  a阿谁是我啦、 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  aEstimate selling price based upon customer feedback 估计特价而沽价根据用户反应 [translate]

  aWe ?nd that VIFs after including Heckman in our main models do not exceed 1.50, suggesting that Heckman serves as an important control for self-selection without introducing bias in our analysis. 我们VIFs带拥有Heckman在我们的首要模具以后不超越产1.50的?nd,建议Heckman在我们的剖析宗要紧把持造用关于己在选择,无需伸见公允。 [translate]

  aChina’s ODI tends to go to countries with a good market size as measured by GDP and a good growth potential as measured by real GDP growth. 中国的ODI倾向于去国度以壹好市场尺寸如由国民消费尽值和好长潜力测如由真正的国民消费尽值长测。 [translate]

  a每壹分让你福气 Each minute lets you happily [translate]

  atonight,one more one 今深,壹壹 [translate]

  ahold on the box 举行在箱儿子 [translate]

  ataste-off 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  aam more that happy to know you 更上半天那欢快观点您 [translate]

  aMi.shi.mi.ta.lou.wai Mi.sh i.mi.ta.lou.wai [translate]

  aI like ______ others, but I don’t like ______ him. He is too lazy. 我喜乐______其他,但我不喜乐______他。 他是太懒散散的。 [translate]

  aMany people are concernig about and disabled people,and they give away money to assistance fund. 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a我想拥有壹个真正懂我的人 I want to have one to understand me truly the person [translate]

  aframboise 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  awe usually make progress by getting the problems in learning 我们经疏违反掉落效实畅通日得到半途而废在学会 [translate]

  aYour world I won’t come in, also don’t want to get into, ignorant people is you 您的世界我不会出产去,也不想要进入,蒙昧的人民是您 [translate]

  a我们应当学会运用电脑 We should learn to use the computer [translate]

  a因此在早米饭之后。 Therefore after breakfast. [translate]

  aagainist the deserted landscape againist瓜分的景致 [translate]

  aWhat is that in English 什么那用英语 [translate]

  a巨万乳美女高清图片 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a她是内中型体 戴着壹副眼镜 看上很青春 She is a medium stature Wears eyeglasses Looks very young [translate]

  a天天为你效力动 Serves as necessary for you [translate]

  a何以调理心态 How adjusts the point of view [translate]

  a是的,你是哪里的 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  ahave Friday afternoons off to volunteer 拥有星期五下半晌己愿 [translate]

  aJustin Bieber My World Tour Justin Bieber我的世界旅游 [translate]

  a因此在早米饭之后。我去买进了壹款电儿子游玩。回到家之后,我就末了尾玩了宗到来 Therefore after breakfast.I have bought a section computer game.After gets the home, I started to play have gotten up [translate]

  a选用不锈钢材质版面、有益清洁,并经久耐用。 Selects the stainless steel material quality page layout, favors cleanly, and durable. [translate]

  a我会晕船,但脚丫儿子踏两条船就不会了 I can seasickness, but treadonned two ships not to be able [translate]

  a淮阳龙湖 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a她们俩实则是邻居 却不观点 They are actually the neighbor Did not know actually [translate]

  a越到来越多的人前到来不雅欣赐予 More and more many people come to visit [translate]

  aIt’s you and me 它是您和我 [translate]

  aok how me 正翻译,请收听候… [translate]

  a我们在食堂预备要合幕的时分,其他的班级也给教养官日诞辰歌。 We must dismiss in the cafeteria preparation, other classes and gradees also give teach the official duty birthday song. [translate]

  aOF BENEFICIARY 讨巧人 [translate]

  aa lot of food has gone with them 很多食物同性陪他们 [translate]

  aALL BANK CHARGES AND COMMISSION OUT 所拥有银行充电和委员会 [translate]

  ai got it .just shut up 我违反掉落了它.just被查封锁的 [translate]